Coach J
Coach & Mentor

Resident of Kalamazoo for 14 years. Member of Stones Church Kalamazoo Campus for 12 years. Volunteer for Stones Church Security Team for 9 years. Volunteer team leader for Stones Church VIP Team for one year.  

Birthplace: Lorain, OH (20 minutes West of Cleveland, OH)

High School: Lorain Senior High School (1989-1992)-Team Captain, Lorain County Honorable Mention 1992

College: Ohio State University Walk-on 1995-1996

10+ years coaching and sports training experience. Recently coached in Upward Sports Winter Basketball League at The Point

As a born again Christian, husband, father, and coach, I believe in giving back and placing the needs of others over my own. Every young person should have someone they can confide in to help prepare them for life’s challenges. 

Basketball is a great tool to help build confidence, show them how to approach and deal with obstacles, the importance of being a good friend and teammate, and pursue excellence in whatever they do.

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